Can You Sue a Dog Owner for Bite Injury or Other Damage In Australia?

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Dog attacks can be terrifying and, unfortunately, they are common in Australia. The Australian Companion Animal Council Inc. has estimated that more than 100,000 persons in Australia are attacked by dogs each year, with an estimated 12,000–14,000 individuals requiring treatment for dog bite injuries, and around 10% of those being hospitalised each year?

Are you one among them? You can sue a dog owner for bite injury and claim compensation! Yes, the victims of dog attacks can claim compensation from those responsible for the dog and build a case with a leading professional personal injury lawyer in Perth. Australia law says, whether, on public or private property, Dogs should be kept under control at all times. While victims of dog attacks can impose, the dog owners should take responsibility and keep their dogs in control both inside and outside. Let's start with the prohibited dog in Australia.

Restricted Dog Breeds in Australia

In Australia, aggressive dog breeds that are specifically bred for fighting are banned and not permitted by law. This is due to safeguarding other animals and the welfare of the people. Some of the dog breeds that are banned in Australia include,

1.Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario

2.Japanese Tosa

3.Fila Brasileiro

4.Dogo Argentino

5.Pit Bull Terrier breeds, including American Pit Bull Terrier

And, Australia law says dog owners should take care of their dogs and keep them in control. In any case, if their dogs bit the public, the Vitim can claim for all loss and damage suffered by the dog.

The victim can claim for,

1.Ongoing care and home services

2.Hospitalisation expenses

3.Past and future medical expenses

4.Pain, suffering and loss of amenities of life

5.Past and future loss of earnings

6.Payment to compensate for psychological damage

Type of Dog Bite Injury Can Claim For

"So, what type of dog bite injury can I claim for?"

Probably, this may be your question if you the victims of a dog attack. As a victim, you can bring civil actions against dog owners and claim compensation to the dog owners who sued in situations to cover losses suffered due to dog attack injuries.

The situations include,

Case 1: Negligence in taking steps to ensure the dog doesn't attack

Case 2: Encouraging the dog to attack or threaten a person or other animal

The Bottom Line

Dog attacks leave physical and emotional scars that can last for life! If you are attacked by a dog and suffered injuries like emotional and psychological trauma, scarring and disfigurement, nerve and muscle damage, lacerations, puncture wounds, or bruising, book an appointment with one of the best personal injury lawyers in Perth! They help you in the complete compensation process. Trewin Norman and Co, the leading law firm with skilled personal injury and criminal injury lawyers in Perth, has experience handling dog bite injury cases.

The author of this article is a leading personal injury lawyer in Perth. In this article, he discusses the claiming for dog bite injury or other damage in Australia. To learn more, visit

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