Avoid These Mistakes When Grilling Chicken

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Grilling is healthy, but it really depends on how you cook it, and the type of grill you use (charcoal). Hardly anybody knows how to grill chicken that is not coal-blackened Grilling chicken is not as easy as it seems to be. You’ll have to deal with the fat under the skin that drips onto the fire and causes flare-ups. The Marinade makes things even worse as it causes the grill to smoke heavily and turn the chicken into grey instead of golden brown. Avoid these mistakes when grilling chicken:-

Not defrosting the chicken properly

Defrosting the chicken is a crucial step that many overlook. Even if you have the best-grilled chicken recipes on hand and you follow the same, things can go wrong if you don’t defrost the chicken properly. Your chicken is raw and burnt and even after marinating, it is still bland. What did you do? Well, your chicken is not defrosted properly. Of course, you could grill frozen poultry. But, the cooking time will be increased by 50%, and you may lack in taste. Whether it is thighs or breasts or a whole bird, the best way to defrost the bird is slowly in the fridge. Submerge your chicken frozen chicken and change the water every 30minutes till it is defrosted.

Forgetting to bine the chicken

This is an essential step that shouldn’t be overlooked when grilling the chicken. It adds flavour to the Castle Hill charcoal chicken and helps to tenderise it. In fact, brine is the first step to get a perfect grill chicken.

Cooking in high heat

Some think that the point of barbeque is to stoke the coal, feed the flame, and grill the chicken. People assume that high heat is the key to grilling a chicken. But, cooking in high heat can result in a chicken that is burnt exterior and raw interior. Medium heat at 425 to 450 degrees is the best temperature. Of course, it will take time and won’t look flashy. But, you’ll get perfectly-cooked meat.

Not using a meat thermometer

How will you know the chicken is done? A piece of meat will look great from the outside with all grill marks, texture, and crispy skin. But, when you take a bite, you’ll discover the truth, and it is raw. On the other hand, it is easy to let the chicken overcook, leaving you with a rubbery, dry piece of chicken. That’s why you need to use a meat thermometer to ensure the chicken is cooked and safe.

The next time when you grill chicken, make sure to avoid these mistakes. Hosting a party? Consider food delivery Castle Hill and have fun with your friends and family while you know that you are serving delicious grilled chicken. Get in touch with chicken shop Castle Hill for more details.

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