Tooth Pain – Causes and Treatment

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Anyone who had experienced tooth pain will tell you how painful it was. No one would want to experience toothache. But, it is inevitable. People experience tooth pain at some point in their lives for various reasons. However, a toothache generally indicates an underlying dental condition in your mouth, requiring immediate attention from the affordable dentist Melbourne. While tooth pain is associated with mostly dental decay, there are other reasons that cause toothache. The treatments for toothache could be as simple as improving oral health, filling the teeth, or tooth extraction. If you experience tooth pain, it is best to visit your dentist Melbourne immediately.

What are the causes of toothache?

While there are many reasons for a toothache, the following are the most common causes:-

Tooth decay

Dental decay is one of the most common reasons for tooth pain. However, you would not get severe tooth pain overnight. Cavities exhibit some signs, including sensitivity to hot or cold food items and beverages. Treating cavities at the early stages is essential as it can help prevent cavities from damaging the root of a tooth, leading to tooth loss. Tooth pain generally indicates the bacteria has made its way into the tooth and damaged the nerves.

Cavities can create holes in your teeth which penetrate into tooth enamel and dentin. That’s why you experience tooth pain. If not treated, it can lead to the formation of abscess, a severe infection of the pulp and nerve inside the tooth. This condition can cause severe pain where the tooth has to be extracted. If you want to save your teeth, visit the dentist as soon as you experience sensitivity. Treating cavities at the early stage is the best way to save your tooth.

Gum disease

Gum disease can also cause toothache. Toothache occurs when plaque build-up is not removed and gets infected, causing the gum to become red and swollen. If left untreated, periodontitis can occur, leading to tooth loss. The inner layer of the gums pulls away from teeth and forms pockets that collect food debris and bacteria.

Tooth eruption

You might experience toothache when a wisdom tooth tries to erupt through the gums. Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last set of teeth to emerge in the late teens and early twenties. However, they become problematic and cause dental problems, including tooth pain, as they don’t have enough space on the jawline.

If you experience tooth pain, schedule an appointment with your affordable dentist Melbourne today. Regular dental visits and cleaning can help keep dental problems at bay.

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