6 Best Floral Gifts for Easter

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Easter is the season that marks new beginnings. No matter the hardships that the world is up against, this is one of those traditions where we share love and joy to one another. What comes along with Easter are the bright and beautiful spring blooms that always occupy a huge part of the celebration. People love gifting flowers during the occasion. Here are the best recommendations from an expert florist in Toronto Ontario:


Daffodils blooms early in the spring, and they symbolise exactly what Easter is all about – new beginnings. These sunny yellow flowers feature bright green stems, and have been a spring favourite for many. A vase full of daffodils is one of the cheeriest things there is. You can also have daffodils planted in a lovely spring garden obtained from a florist in Toronto Ontario. Combined with tulips, crocus and branches of pussy willow, they’re a delightful foretaste of spring.


No matter the colour, this flower represents bright hope for the future. Convey your feelings from the heart by ordering a vase arrangement or bouquet of tulips. They will grow and open day by day, enchanting the lucky recipient.


Daisies are one of the perfect flowers that have a special significance for Easter. This flower symbolises purity and innocence – both of which truly encapsulate the spirit of the occasion. White daisies are a popular choice of arrangements all year long. Besides purity, they also represent good luck, simplicity, and happiness.

Phalaenopsis Orchid:

Amongst the various kinds of orchid, the phalaenopsis orchid plant is an intriguing and exotic variety that represents good health. Gift this beauty via flower delivery in Toronto when you want to wish someone well. The highlight is that they last long even with minimal maintenance, and with a little care, will bloom again.


There’s nothing quite like the fragrance of hyacinths. They come in different shades of purple, which is one of the colours associated with Easter. This flower symbolises sincerity, pride, and beauty. Purple hyacinths in particular, represent spirituality and royalty. Order this flower in a pot, vase, or bouquet, ahead of the occasion. Ask for a spring bulb planter that includes hyacinths with other bright flowering plants. Nothing says “Happy Easter” like it!


Roses, one of the most popular flowers in the world, are suitable for any occasion, and Easter is no exception. Besides the standard red colour, various other colours of roses have symbolisms that correlate with Easter. For instance, white roses are all about purity and a fresh start, whereas pink roses indicate gratefulness, elegance, and affection. And if you’d like to let someone know how much you love them, red roses are the obvious choice.

Order fresh flowers with same day flower delivery in Toronto from a reputable flower shop this Easter, and let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them.

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6 Best Floral Gifts for Easter