Follow this Guide to Keep Your Granite Countertops in Top Shape

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You would often hear that maintaining granite countertops is overwhelming and time consuming. But the truth is contrary. Compared to other popular natural stone countertops, granite is quite easy to clean and wouldn't take so much of your time to do so. Granite countertops are subject to heavy usage and take a lot of abuse, so it's obvious that they require good care. This guide from a supplier of granite slabs in Sydney will help you learn how to effectively clean and maintain your granite countertops.

Cleaning Granite Countertops:


-The rule of thumb when it comes to washing your granite countertop is to use a pH neutral cleanser. Regular soap and water would do as well.

-Besides soap and water, there are cleaning products that are specifically meant for granite slabs in Sydney. Such products facilitate deeper cleansing, so you don't have to wash the countertops as often as you would. To remove spills, a few wipes with a damp cloth should be enough.


-Stay away from highly alkaline or acidic cleansing products, as it can damage the surface of the countertop easily.

-Do not use an abrasive pad on granite, or any natural stone for that matter. If there are dry food stains on the countertop, just soak them using a cleanser and wipe with a soft cloth.

Maintaining Granite Countertops:

One of the biggest benefits of granite countertops is that they last for many years to come. But that doesn't mean you don't have to maintain it. Once a granite countertop is installed in your bathroom or kitchen, the daily usage can possibly scratch or stain the surface. This is why they must be properly maintained from time to time, so that your countertop remains in perfect condition. According to a granite slabs supplier in Sydney, one of the most recommended ways to keep your granite countertop in its best shape is by sealing.

-Sealing Granite:

The surface of your granite countertop is susceptible to bacteria and stains, and sealing is the best way to prevent the same. When you inadvertently drop your food on an unsealed granite countertop, you will notice that the stain formed is hard to remove. On the other hand, food stains on a sealed countertop can simply be wiped off effortlessly.

-When Should You Seal it?

While installing your granite countertop at home, make sure to seal it right away with the help of professionals. Remember to seal your countertop once every year. Using proper sealants will prevent any damage caused by dirt or spillage. When you are unsure if the countertop requires resealing, pour water on it. If you notice that the water penetrates through the surface, it's time to seal them again.

Always remember to obtain the best quality granite slabs from a reputable granite supplier in Sydney to make your purchase worth it. Should you have any questions about cleaning or maintaining granite stone, contact the experts.

Disclaimer: Please note this is not to be relied upon as advice or any form of representation in relation to the properties or performance of the above listed product(s). This is solely for promotional purposes; please consult your stone specialist prior to selecting or purchasing any of the above listed product(s).

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