Everything you should know about Artificial Grass for Pets!

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Artificial grass is a common topic discussed among pet owners as it is a surface that can make both humans and their animals happy. You might have heard many reasons for installing artificial grass for dogs; it never needs much care, it is functional all year round, and looks just like real grass. It can make a discoloured lawn green once again and provide a place that won’t get muddy for those little paws. So what else should you know?

Dogs take it pretty quickly:

Say you are having a wearing play area and recarpeting it with something dense and soft. Artificial grass! Pets love comfort just like humans and take to artificial grass pretty quickly. It feels similar to natural lush grass and looks almost identical, except it cannot be dug up. Moreover, artificial grass is safe for pets as there are no toxic layers on them. It is all about a soft natural appearance and feel.

It can make a huge difference to your small pet’s life:

The world can be an intimidating place for your small pet. Overgrown grass can be an unwelcoming struggle for those little legs. If your grass is always at a good length, it can encourage your dog to go outside more often, get more exercise, and also help them do their business with ease. Sure, it can make a huge difference to your big dog’s life as well!

Short leaf blade heights are easy to clean:

As a pet owner, you will probably know how much of a pain it can be trying to scoop off your dogs business while trimming the grass, which is why artificial grass for dogs will make this job much easier. While there are many luscious tempting long blades of grass, shorter ones are perfect for dogs and look just like a freshly cut summer lawn year-round. You can choose to lay Artificial grass for pool area as well.

The shock pad is not design for pets:

A shock pad is a cushioning surface that is meant for lying around kids play equipment. It is most commonly found in schools, and some people prefer to install it in their home. While it will drain water, dog urine can leave behind some smell, becoming noticeable over time. Artificial grass installation is meant for kids and pets and might be worth considering. Moreover, nowadays, artificial grass for school playgrounds is becoming more popular.

It can cope with your dogs’ habits:

Does your dog love to lie in a certain spot? Artificial grass can squeeze and spring back. However, if it is regularly compacted, it may need a bit of brush-up. It is the same if you have play equipment or garden furniture.

Does your dog do its business in the same spot? To keep the area clean and prevent potential smell, we suggest washing them with warm soapy water. The best part is the area won’t become discoloured, and the artificial lawn doesn’t die.

In general, artificial grass doesn’t need much care. We suggest giving it a brush every now and then, just like you do to natural lawn.

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